Young people from the organization Misiunea Socială "Diaconia" from Moldova and participants of the Youth Leaders program and the project "Building Peace are My Responsibility" have organized a series of activities under the auspices of the Ecumenical Initiative of Women - EWI. It is important to remind that this is one of many of the activities organized by Youth for Peace.

Seminar Making Europe Work 4During the weekend, from 22nd to 24th of June, Network Seminar within the project „Making Europe Work“ – Civic Academy for young disseminators from France, Germany and the Western Balkans was held in hotel Astra Garni in Sarajevo. Project implementation started in 2016 and its final phase will start in 2019.















Encounter Europe 2Youth for Peace has been honoured to participate in Summer European Academy. The Academy was organized by European Academy Otzenhausen, Asko Europa Foundation and Konrad Adenauer Foundation and took place in Otzenhausen, Germany in May, 1st till 9th. Main topic of Academy is summed in its title “Encounter Europe - Current challenges of European Integration – civic participation in best practice”. 35 participants from South Eastern Europe came together to give active participation in Academy, delivering their perspectives from respective countries. All participants were coming with huge experience in non-government and political sector, either.

From May 1st until May 8th, two Youth for Peace members, Anela Zorlak and Emina Frljak, attended seminar “Making Europe Work” at European Academy in Otzenhausen, Germany, together with young people from Western Balkans, France and Germany. The topics on the seminar were related to overcoming the past and creating better future. During the 6 days long program, young people were talking about topics and problems important and relevant to participants’ countries, so at the end of the seminar they proposed their own projects, which they will work on as an international teams in the following period. The content consisted of theoretical lectures and interactive exercises for participants, and the aim of seminar was to develop healthy communication, bring up own attitudes, all with respect for others and different. Besides this, young people had one more aim: with joint forces and previous knowledge to find solution for Europe to start functioning the way they want. All participants had opportunity to talk about topics they like to discuss about, but also about those more difficult, more complicated, more sensitive ones, and in safe team environment express their disagreement with their colleagues, using assertive way of communicating and by respecting other participants.

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