By gathering project coordinators in Sarajevo, in period 15-18/12/2019 project BEYOND was officially launched. This kick-off meeting was an opportunity for five coordinators to sit together and define an operational plan for upcoming project activities. Besides that, project coordinators had team building activities thus contributing to better understanding and cohesion among BEYOND most responsible body.

BEYOND project is built through the cooperation among five organizations: Youth for Peace (Bosnia and Herzegovina), NGO THY (Kosovo), Hang-Kép Egyesület (Hungary), Joint (Italy) and Balkans, Let's Get Up! (Serbia). The project aims to introduce youth with the triangle of (1) Identity – (2) National states in Europe – (3) Migrants, as well as with intercultural clash of ‘locals’ and ‘foreigners’ each having different perspectives. Youth will be encouraged to think, discuss and act on the demystification of those phenomena while understanding through academic analysis and field experience of partners and experts from respective countries. In the next two years project will result in six international exchanges for both, youth workers and youngsters from respective countries and national activities.