First meeting held

In the period from May 4th to May 6th first meeting within the project „Building Peace is my responsibility!“, that Youth for Peace implements with the support of Ecumenical Women's Initiative and program Youth Leaders which gathers 20 young people from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Pale. Ten more participants joined the program this year, besides those 10 young people from the first generation. This gathering served as an opportunity for participants to meet, connect to each other and start building relationships that will help in the further implementation of the project, as well as to strengthen this group of young people as a team. The topic of this meeting was communication, with the accent on non-violent communication, assertiveness and active listening, as important tools that are needed in peace building and dialogue processes. During this 3-day long gathering young people also had an opportunity to learn about leadership, and by that start their way towards learning and developing leadership skills, necessary for their engagement in civil society. In the next period of three months participants will have two more gatherings, and they will work individually with their mentors – trainers and members of Youth for Peace.

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