Rischio Minore Workshop for Children and Youth: Social Networks - Fun and an Opportunity for Learning

In Sarajevo on November 9, 2019 a workshop for children and young people Social Networking - Fun and an Opportunity for Learning was held. During the workshop, participants talked about the role of social networks in the life of a young person, as well as the positive and negative aspects - danger and traps of social media.

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Trainers organized practical exercises, where participants worked creatively, observed and analysed Social networks as an extension of every young persons identity, the way other people perceive published content and the opportunities that social networks give.

The Rischio Minore project is implemented by Caritas BiH and Youth for Peace in collaboration with Consorzio Leonardo and is funded by the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region and aims to empower young people without parental care and youth at risk and to strengthen their skills.