BurnoutMrs. Lejla Hasandedic-Đapo, MA of Psychology and Teaching Assistant of Faculty of Psychology at University of Antalya facilitated a workshop for young people about this topic. The aim of the workshop was to familiarise youth with the phenomenon called burnout. Usually each person is exposed to different kinds of stress and while trying to deal with his/her obligations related with studies or their work, they forget to think about themselves what could have significant consequences on their health. During the workshop participants, young people were taught how to recognize symptoms of burnout in its early stages, as well as how to react if they recognize the more serious ones. They heard about different stages of burnout, a regular, harmless stages toward those which should be treated seriously. Finally, they had the opportunity to do personal introspection through the test which can indicate their relation toward everyday stress and level of burnout. At the end of the workshop, facilitator decided to make support group together with participants in order to provide them place for sharing and opportunity for valuable advices in future. Participants have taken as their responsibility to monitor themselves and react if they notify raising level of burnout.