Ljetna škola mira je dugogodišnji projekat Youth for Peace organizacije, u partnerstvu sa Caritasom Italiana, Caritasom Vittorio Veneto i Caritasom Banjaluka.

Ljetna škola je desetodnevno okupljanje i boravak mladih od 18 do 25 godina koji dolaze iz Veneto regije iz Italije te mladih iz Bosne i Hercegovine. Škola predstavlja spoj edukativnih sadržaja, volonterskih akcija te obrazovno-turističkih posjeta gradovima i mjestima banjalučke regije, kao i glavnom gradu BiH, Sarajevu.

Cilj ljetne škole jeste približiti mlade iz Italije i Bosne i Hercegovine, te im omogućiti vrijeme, prostor i aktivnosti za upoznavanje kroz učenje, razmjenu iskustava, volonterske akcije, a uz sve to pomažući i doprinoseći zajednici Banjaluke i onima koji se nalaze u potrebi. Programom, temama, akcijama i aktivnostima u okviru škole nastoji se pomoći zbližavanju mladih, razbijanju predrasuda i stereotipa, upoznavanju talijanske i bosanskohercegovačke kulture, te razmjeni ideja među mladima, na taj način ih jačajući i otvarajući vidike za drugačije kulture, običaje i tradicije.

The 12th Peace Summer School held in Banja Luka

During the time between 26 August - 03 September 2018, was held the 12th Summer Peace School in Banja Luka. The Summer School gathered 24 participants from Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


BL1During the Summer School with the participants, through interactive workshops we discussed about many topics, among other things, about what identities are, what kind of identity, and what value lie behind the European identity. Together with educators, in a fun and creative way, participants had the opportunity to explore the streets of Banja Luka and meet the beauty of our BH city.
We also talked about migration, the terms migrants, refugees, asylum, asylum seekers, and the historical basis of migration. We have also dedicated ourselves to the crisis of identity, which we have seen from the light of psychology, but also from the impact of migration. Through the role play "Meet Your Xenophobia" and simulating "One Day in the Life of a Refugee" as well as watching videos that were taken by Second Tree Organization. Their volunteers were talking about the experience of working in refugee camps in Greece, we brought the situation closer to the participants.
We also marked the camp with volunteer actions. Three teams of our participants and trainers worked on three different locations and on that occasion they contributed to the community of Banja Luka with their work. The first team worked at the "Saint Ivo" cemetery, where the official premises were found inside the cemetery. The other team worked in Čelinovec and helped the Association of Poles "Mak" in their activity of deforestation and making the path and the park, while the third team was in Borik in the action of cleaning and painting the house of an elderly couple.
On the final day of the volunteer action, the team successfully concluded its work successfully and commendably.
At the Summer School of Peace, we talked about the migration process in Italy. Guests from Italy showed through the interactive workshop and role play what the state of migration is in this country. Also, some of the participants shared their experience in working with migrants both through Caritas and other organizations.
We also discussed intercultural dialogue. We conducted workshops on the subject of interculturalism, interculturalism, culture and dialogue. The participants had the opportunity and through the simulation of the encounter of three different cultures, they realized the importance and importance of understanding cultures and customs that are unknown to us. We visited the ethno village of Ljubače Valley and the Krupa Monastery on Vrbas.
The last day we went to Jajce. Here we got to know more about the rich history of this place and visit the most important natural and historical sights of the city. After a visit, surrounded by the waterfalls of the River Pliva, we talked to participants about their impressions of the past days that we spent together as well as future activities within the Summer School.
The results of the Summer School of Peace are visible. Participants and coaches went to their homes, but the local community of Banja Luka remained a trail of our work and stay. In addition to the new knowledge and skills on the topic of migration, xenophobia and identity crises that were adopted and developed, behind us are 7 successful volunteer actions. Two houses, in Borik and Budzak, were cleaned and decorated, two biofuel roofs in the Caritas' boarding house in Petrićevac and the Caritas administration building were decorated, the official premises at the cemetery "Sveti Ivo" were cleaned and decorated, the chapel at this cemetery was restored, and Čelinovac got a new park, as well as a path leading to it. We are looking forward to the next year and new activities.